The first platform to manage your advertising campaign production.

The first platform to manage your advertising campaign production.

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Facing all that ?

Are you a global advertiser ?

In a world where a production team, several markets, agencies, media planners and media buyers need to work together.

Is time your best enemy ?

In a world where mediaplans are changing every half hour and the deadline was yesterday.

Lost in Excel sheets ?

In a world where a campaign validation requires thousands of emails to be sent and hundreds of excel sheets versions.

Managing the advertising policies

In a world where marketing must be accurate, legal, decent, truthful, honest, socially responsible.

Mastering brand consistency ?

In a world where the marketer creates, manages and shares accurate, multi-channel content at every stage of the customer journey in order to enhance the brand.

Working in a multicultural context ?

In a world where hundreds of people speak different languages but use a common one: advertisement.

Don’t worry!

We came up with a great idea.BRIEF&GO is an online platform to follow-up advertising production process without stress. It’s a new generation of advertising management : flexible, user-friendly, automated and scalable. Finally a ready-to-use solution without technical issues to worry about!

No more tedious coordination stuff

All actors of the production chain involved in the same process and gathered at the same place.

Your advertising production at a glance

You will have everything at the same place, accessible from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Your campaign analytics in a single click

So you can focus on core-business: delivering campaigns, on-brief, on-time and on-budget.

Your media plan updated in real time

You will navigate between your campaign production details and your media plan for all channels, all markets, all visuals.

Don't worry!

Advertising campaign production is your job ?